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How to find a place a man finding his number

How to find a place a man finding his number

Modern man tends to know everything about all the people as much as possible.

Today, mobile communication operation principle is that it can enable the user to determine the whereabouts of a electronic computer and up to 30 meters.

You will need

  • - mobile phone-
  • - local map-
  • - Call to help sluzhbu-
  • - Request a determination of the place of finding abonenta-
  • - Specify the mobile phone number of Person
  • - Visit the site locator.megafon.ru.



If you have a need to find a place where there is a person, then you need to do the following. The starting point is to look for the phone menu "Contacts" or "Phonebook".


Then press select and find the subscription service, that is, in other words - the mobile operator.
Then perform the call directly to thehelp desk and leave request for the particular subscriber's location and provide their mobile phone number. It is worth noting that in some cases it is required to specify your own initials.


If all the above has been done correctly,then wait for a response and note the area, which will be reported by the operator. It said the place is almost always the exact address of the person who is wanted. Then you can go on the search for the subscriber. Pre-draw a card area, guess where a person can be at the moment.


To date, this service providesmany mobile operators, which can be used to search for the subscriber at any time. For example, some of the company "MTS" offers a service called the "Locator".


You must necessarily know the numbersubscriber to be sent from mobile to 6677. Over the request sent from the account operator will remove about 15 rubles. Mobile operator "MegaFon" offers the following: go to the page from a computer that is located locator.megafon.ru, and thus obtain information about the location of the subscriber and a map marked with the exact coordinates.

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