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How to find the distance between two parallel lines

How to find the distance between two parallel lines

Determining a distance between two objects located in one or more planes is one of the most common problems in geometry.

Guided by conventional methods, you can find the distance between two parallel lines.



Parallel called lines lying in oneplane, which either do not overlap or coincide. To find the distance between parallel lines should choose an arbitrary point on one of them, then drop a perpendicular to the second line. It remains only to measure the length of the resulting segment. Length connecting the two parallel lines perpendicular and will be the distance between them.


Pay attention to the order ofperpendicular from one parallel line to another, because of this depends on the accuracy of the calculated distance. To do this, use the drawing tool "triangle" with the right angle. Select a point on one of the lines, attach it to one side of the triangle adjacent to the right angle (leg), and the other side align with another straight. Sharp pencil, draw a line along the first leg so that it reached the opposite line.


Use a compass to measure the lengthobtained perpendicular. Set the leg of a compass in the points at which perpendicular lines intersect. After that, move the leg to the measuring range, considered to have the distance and enter it into the book.


In the absence of a compass just trycombine zero division line perpendicular to the start point and position it along the line. The length of the perpendicular will be the division, is located near the second crossing point, and, consequently, it will be the distance between two parallel lines.

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