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How to Find the center of the circle

How to find the center of the circle

Often, joiners and carpenters in the required geometry.

One of the most striking examples - building a true circle.

Another problem, which in this case may be encountered - a center of the circle defining without special tools and complicated calculations.

You will need

  • Ruler and pencil



To find the center of the circle, you must first enter it in the box. That is, all sides of the quadrangle should touch the circle. To do this, draw a line using four straight lines.


Now connect two diagonally opposite corners. Make sure that the line angle smashed square into two equal parts. Connect straight all 4 square angle.


The intersection of these lines, and will be the center of the circle.


Another figure who can helpdetermine the center of the circle is a right-angled triangle. It is also necessary to enter into the circle. Then divide the opposite side of the right angle in half. The middle of the hypotenuse, and will be the center of the circle.

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