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How to find the center of gravity


How to find the center of gravity</a>

Because of gravity, all bodies fall to the ground.

It is interesting that the body will drop onThe surface is the same, and it is not surprising that the Earth attracts it every time by force equal in value and direction. And how to predict what part of this body first touches the Earth (and when the experience is repeated the same)?

For this, the imaginary point located on the body or outside it corresponds, which is called the center of gravity.

You can determine it on any body.

The principle of determination is to suspend the body for its different points.

You will need

  • Sheet of cardboard, scissors, pin single-rod, pencil, ruler, weights on the thread (plummet).



Cut out a flat figure from cardboardForms. You can even not draw it beforehand. It is better if the carved figure takes the form of a non-regular polygon whose center of gravity coincides with its Center.


Mark arbitrarily at the edge of the figure a point in threePlaces. These marks should be removed from each other by almost identical angular distances. Make a pin at the marked points of the hole, approximately the same width as the needle.


Inserting a pin into one of the holes, verticallyHang the plate. To the same pin, attach a plumb bob so that the figure hangs on the needle. Using a pencil, mark the points on the bottom and top edges of the plate that lie on the plumb line, while holding it so that the marks are less error-prone.

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