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How to find the center of gravity

How to find the center of gravity

The force of gravity all bodies fall to the ground.

Interestingly, the body will fall onthe surface of the same, and it is no wonder the earth draws it every time a force equal in meaning and direction. How to predict which part of the body first comes into contact with the earth (and the repetition of the experience - the same)?

It is responsible for this imaginary point located on the body or out of it, which is called the center of gravity.

Identify it can be on any body.

The principle of the body is suspending its different points.

You will need

  • Sheet cardboard, scissors, pin single-rod, a pencil, a ruler, a small weight on a thread (plumb).



From cardboard cut out a flat piece Freeform. You can even draw it does not advance. Better if carved figure will take the form not of a regular polygon whose center of gravity coincides with the center.


Note arbitrary point on the edge of the figure in threelocations. These marks are to be removed from each other at almost equal angular distances. Do the pin holes at the marked points with a diameter approximately equal to the width of the needle.


Inserting a pin into one of the holes, verticalhang the plate. By the same pin attach plumb so that the figure hanging on the needle. Using a pencil mark on the lower and upper edges of the plate points on the plumb line at the same time hold it to have been tagging with less error.

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