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Triangle abc

Sometimes in life we ​​have to deal with situations that require knowledge of geometry. Such information is rarely used in everyday life, so forgettable.

One of the most popular questions is to find the area of ​​a triangle using the lengths of the two sides.

You will need

  • - lineyka-
  • - transportir-
  • - Calculator.



The area of ​​the triangle, which is calculated over the length of twoits sides, also requires measurement of the angle between them. To do this, use a protractor or other special tools. For example, bevel - very convenient to measure angles in the room.


Once you have found the size of the two sidesthe triangle and the angle between them, go to the calculations. Finding the area should be according to the following formula: S? abc = 1/2 ab sin angle. At the same time, if you have the right angle in the triangle between the two known sides, the formula can be reduced: S? abc = 1/2 ab.


To calculate the sine of the angle, you can useBradis trigonometric table, where the values ​​are given for the most common sizes of angles. Another good way to calculate the sine of the angle is a calculator. In each of the Windows operating system it is among the standard programs. Open it and switch to the mode "Engineering", which is in the "View" chapter. Then enter the size of the angle, the sine of which you want to calculate. Then select the units for the calculated response. It can be degrees, radians, or excited. You can do this by using the buttons below the input field. Press the «sin» and get the result.


Of course, the sine of the angle can now be calculated andthrough various online calculators with advanced user-friendly interface and more features. Find a program on the internet is not difficult, because they offered a lot. Simply enter in the search engine "calculator trigonometric functions".


Now, multiplies the length of the triangle the two sides and the sine of the angle between them, divide by 2, and all ready to answer. Area of ​​a triangle is found.

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