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How to find the abstract


How to find the abstract</a>

During the educational process, teachers often offer students and students to write an essay on a particular topic.

The possibilities of information retrieval are now enormous.

How to make search effective and inexpensive, we will consider in more detail.



The vast expanses of the Internet offer greatNumber of sites where you can buy a finished essay or order it from the author. You can, of course, go the other way and write an essay after reading several books and manuals in the library. And you can save your strength and money, prepare a free essay without leaving home.


Probably, there is no person at present,Who does not have the Internet. Here the main thing is to use the search engines correctly (the search engine will give you a huge number of articles that simply refer to the phrase "the rivers of Russia." These may be completely unnecessary texts that have nothing to do with abstracts.


After the search engine has given youA lot of links to abstracts, select a few of them. A huge help to you will have sites with large databases of ready free essays and test papers. For example, www.referat.yaroslavl.ru (Yaroslavl abstracts), www.referats.net (Server of Russian students) www.bankreferatov.ru (Bank of abstracts) and many others. They have a fairly simple and convenient search.


Once you have selected several abstracts(The best option is 5-6), copy them into a text editor, and then correct: delete the superfluous, swap paragraphs and paragraphs in accordance with your plan. Do not use only one finished essay. As a rule, a complete coincidence of the topic does not guarantee that the abstract found meets your requirements and the teacher's requirements. In addition, when creating your essay from several you necessarily have to read the selected text, and therefore, and remember the material.

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