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How to find spyware


How to find spyware</a>

Everyone wants information on his personal computer to remain confidential.

It is quite a legitimate desire, which all kinds of malicious software interferes with, including various spyware programs.

How to find them on your computer, read on.



Pay attention to the symptoms, the appearance of whichCan provoke spyware. The most common of these is a slow connection to the Internet. If your personal computer began to connect to the Internet more slowly than usual, it is probably the fault of extraneous programs that do not have a place on your computer. Also a disturbing fact is the increase in the amount of spam in your mailbox. Spam itself is not a guaranteed symptom of finding a spyware program on your personal computer, but in combination with other symptoms, it can clearly testify to this. A more powerful argument is pop-up windows that prompt you to install a particular software, or an extraneous file that attempts to connect to a remote server without your command.


Use precautions to prevent spyware from reaching your personal computer. Do not visit sites that are not trustworthy. This is usually reported by the antivirus.


Especially do not download various applications onPreviously mentioned sites, because together with the most harmless program, you can acquire more and spyware. Given that many programs of this kind can go unnoticed, simply by joining the browser, you need to use special utilities to detect them.


Enable on your personal computerFirewall. This will allow you to monitor all Internet connections made from your computer. As soon as an application wants to connect to the world wide network, the firewall will immediately notify you about it by blocking the connection.


Install the antispyware program to findSpyware on your personal computer. The principle of its work, the same as the antivirus. Go into it and start the local disk scan. Spyware will be detected.

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