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How to find spyware

How to find spyware

Everyone wants information on his personal computer remains confidential.

It is a legitimate desire to come true which prevent all sorts of malware, including spyware and different.

How to find them on your computer, read on.



Pay attention to symptoms, the occurrence of whichcan provoke spyware. The most common of them - a slow connection to the Internet. If your personal computer to connect to the Internet has become slower than usual, possibly to blame extraneous programs that do not place on your computer. Also alarming is the increase in the amount of spam in your mailbox. By itself, the spam is not a guaranteed sign of finding spyware on your PC, but in conjunction with other symptoms, can clearly indicate this. A more compelling argument - pop-ups that offer you to install a particular software, or foreign file that without your team is trying to connect to a remote server.


Use precautions to spyware is not got to your personal computer. Do not visit sites that are not credible. This usually informs the antivirus.


Especially do not download a variety of applications onthe previously mentioned sites, because together with the most innocuous program, you can get more and spyware. Given that many programs of this kind can go unnoticed, just joining the browser, it is necessary to use special tools to detect them.


Turn on your PCfirewall. This allows you to keep track of all the connections to the Internet, produced from your computer. As soon as some application wants to connect to their own worldwide network, firewall you are immediately notified of this pre-locking connection.


Install the antispyware program to findspyware on your PC. Its principle of operation is the same as anti-virus. Go to it and start the scan of local disks. Spyware is detected.

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