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How to find slugs in minecraft

How to find slugs in minecraft

In Minecraft game world, players need a variety of different resources to implement their plans. Some materials are fairly easy to obtain, and the other will have to tinker.

For example, it is enough difficult to find mucus, which falls only from rare monsters - slugs.

Search slugs in caves

Like many aggressive monsters, slugsThey appear only under certain conditions. The points of their appearance depends on the world's grain, as well as the depth and the presence of ambient light. The fact that slugs prefer to appear on the illuminated space, so look for them to be in deep canyons and caves.
Detect the presence of slugs can close bycharacteristic flip-flop, which is accompanied by movement of the monster. If you come across a slug in a cave, try to mark the place of its occurrence and the maximum light it. This must be done to avoid the appearance of other monsters. As the number of entities in each location is limited, in your best interest to make sure that the possibility of occurrence was only slugs.
There is another way to find slugs at depth,but its effectiveness has not been proven 100%. All you need is just to reach the minimum level, dig a large enough room to light it and wait for a while. If the slug does not appear, another will have to dig up the room next door and repeat the algorithm until such time until you find the point of occurrence of slugs.

other methods

Furthermore, slugs and appear on the surface,but only in the marshes, and only at night. If you want to provide yourself with an excess of mucus, you should find a place of occurrence of slugs and enclose a large plot of land or a stone.
There is also a quick way to find roguethe place of occurrence of slugs. On the Internet there are sites that allow to analyze the world's grain and calculate the area where there are slugs. In addition to the grain, the value of which can be found by typing the command in the console / seed, you will need to enter the coordinates of the search area. As a result, you'll have a picture that is a white grid with a few green squares. Each green square - an area of ​​16 × 16 blocks, which appear and slugs, but keep in mind that you need more and dig an underground passage to the desired depth, if we are not talking about the swamp region.
If you are going to find slugs, prepare forvarious eventualities. As the depth of the most common source of light, beloved slugs is lava, fire resistance, it is desirable to stock up on potions. Also, do not forget about the food, weapons, armor and enough torches to travel under the ground.
Note that slugs are aggressivebeings, so attacking them unsafe. The game can be found slugs three types: large, medium and small. After you apply a sufficient number of large individual damages, it will be divided into several medium, which, in turn, can be divided into smaller slugs. It is from the latter species and falls desired resource.

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