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How to find out the sound card

How to find out the sound card</a>

Have you encountered this situation: by purchasing a computer and connecting it to the network, do you find that there is no sound on the computer?

The only solution to this problem may be to check the presence of a sound card in the chassis of the system unit. What if the casing is sealed?

It turns out that the best way out of this situation is to install just one program.

You will need

  • Software Everest Ultimate (Corporation) Edition, the Internet.



In order to determine the brand of your sound cardCard, run the Everest Ultimate (Corporation) Edition. There is not much difference between these programs, so use any configuration. Before you open a program window that looks like Windows Explorer ?. In this window, select? Computer? -? Summary information ?. Find the "Multimedia" section? -? Audio adapter ?. The name of the sound card we know, now you need to download the driver for the sound on the computer.

How to find out the sound card


Click on the name of your sound card in theProgram (a menu of 3 items appears), select "Update drivers". After clicking on this menu item, the Internet browser will automatically start. Most motherboards that have built-in audio adapters prefer Realtek cards. Consider the update of the Realtek device driver.

How to find out the sound card


On the opened page of the Internet browser, find the section "Quick Links?" And select the? HD Audio Codec Driver ?.

How to find out the sound card


Check the box? I accept to the above? And click? Next ?.

How to find out the sound card


You will see a comparative tableDriver: Select the driver for the audio adapter. The choice is based on comparing the driver version with your operating system. Opposite your operating system there are 3 links to download (if it's impossible to download from one link, then the other will turn out exactly).

How to find out the sound card

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