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How to find out why the PC does not see the video card

How to find out why the PC does not see the video card </a>

The video card is an important component of the computer, designed to calculate the image and transfer it to the monitor.

However, the adapter is not always installed successfully.

Some users are faced with the fact that the computer "does not see" the device.

Configuring the video card

Make sure the video card is properly installed andIs connected to the motherboard. More information about installing the device you can find from the instructions to the video card or on the website of its manufacturer. Check the attachment of the loops and make sure that the monitor is in working order and is set to transmit the video signal.
The problem is that the computer "does not see"The installed graphics card may be in the wrong BIOS settings. Restart or turn on the computer and press the F2 or DEL key to enter the settings menu. Browse the available BIOS partitions and select the one that corresponds to the settings of the video adapter. In its name can be found such words as Video, Display, Graphic or VGA.
Activate adapter settings such as VGA,Video and Primary Display. Set the bus of your video card: PEG, IGD, PCI or AGP. Press F10 to save the settings and restart the computer. After that, check if the operating system will start loading, and if the result is positive, make sure that the installed video card is present in the list of connected devices of the computer.

Additional Features

Update the graphics card driver. If you have problems with the image, for example, it distorts or disappears, most likely, it is the fault of the outdated driver. Start the Device Manager from the computer's control panel. Go to the tab with the name of the video card and select the item "update the driver" in it. Make sure that you are actively connected to the Internet, because the search for drivers will be carried out through it. If the system could not find a suitable update, you can download it yourself. Open the site of the manufacturer of the video card and go to the "Drivers" or "Drivers" section. Specify the name of your adapter and the version of the operating system, then download the distribution package and install it.
Check your operating system for availabilityViruses and other malicious programs using an antivirus with updated databases. The absence of an image or other problems with it can arise precisely because of the infection of the system. It is also possible that the video card simply failed, so you can try to replace it or test it again for performance, but on another computer.

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