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How to find out why the computer does not see the video card

How to find out why the computer does not see the video card

Video card is an important component of a computer designed to calculate the image and transfer it to the monitor.

However, not always been successful installation of the adapter.

Some users are faced with the fact that the computer does not "see" the device.

Setting video

Make sure that the video card is correctly installed andIt is connected to the motherboard. For more information about installing the product, you can come out of a video card or on the website of its manufacturer. Check fastening loops and make sure the monitor is in working condition and is configured to transmit the video signal.
The problem with the fact that the computer does not "see"installed graphics card may be in the wrong BIOS settings. Restart or turn on the computer and press F2 or DEL key to enter the settings menu. Review the available sections of the BIOS and select the one that fits your video adapter settings. His name can were present words such as Video, Display, Graphic, or VGA.
Activate adapter parameters such as VGA,Video and Primary Display. Install the tire of your graphics card: PEG, IGD, PCI or AGP. Press F10 to save and restart your computer. Then check whether the operating system boot begins, and in the event of a positive result, make sure that the installed graphics card is present in the list of connected devices in the computer.

Additional Features

Update your graphics card driver. If you are experiencing problems with the image, for example, it is distorted or lost is likely to blame the driver is out of date. Start the Device Manager via the computer's Control Panel. Navigate to the tab with the name of the graphics card and select it click "update driver." Make sure you have an active internet connection, because the search for the drivers will be carried out through it. If the system was unable to find a suitable upgrade, you can do it yourself downloads. Open the card manufacturer's website and go to the "Drivers" section or "the Drivers'. Enter the name of your operating system and the version of the adapter, and then download the distribution and follow its installation.
Check your system for virusesviruses and other malware, using antivirus software with updated databases. There is no picture or other problems may arise with him precisely because of system contamination. Also there is a possibility that the video card is simply out of order, so you can try to replace it, or to double-check on performance, but on the other computer.

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