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How to find out the date of creation of the mailbox

How to find out the date of creation of the mailbox

When working with email is often necessary to find out the date of creation of the mailbox, for example, to remember who and what you are sent a letter at the time.

Obtaining this information does not take much time.



Start by looking at your e-mail settingsbox. Some services allow you to get detailed information about the user and registration data, and it is here you can see the date of its registration.


Check your inbox. If you do not clean up the mailbox, one of the last letters in the list should be an automatic message from the mail service, which is usually contained greetings to the registration and login details in your profile. This letter comes right after the creation of the mailbox, accordingly, it is necessary to you the date. In any case, check the "Shopping" and "Spam" folder, since there can be stored remote system, or manually by sending a letter, including that which contains the date of registration of the box.


Remember, on what sites you are registeredimmediately after the creation of the mailbox. Usually an e-mail information is necessarily specified when creating a profile on various forums, social networks, dating sites, ads, and other resources. Go to them and find out the date of his registration via the menu personal settings that will coincide with the fact that your mail has been created.


Ask your friends and your partnerscorrespondence, on which day they first received a letter of interest to you mailbox. If they are not removed from the incoming mail folder, you can get information and learn at least the approximate date and month of the e-mail registration.


Write to technical support e-mail service. Ask that the age of your mailbox, and select the reason why you need to know it. In this respect there is nothing contrary to the rules of postal services, so, most likely, you will quickly get the desired response.

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