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The tank must not be empty

Precise knowledge of the fuel consumption will help the car owner to better navigate in the planning of long-distance travel, the calculation of the budget.

Empty the tank in the middle of the road, hardly anyone will please.

One way to check the fuel consumptionVAZ - installation specially developed for these purposes the unit - flow meter. However, it is easier to do and not to complicate the electric car scheme different modifications. The need for fuel consumption of knowledge is not always arises from the "just for fun". For example, sometimes it makes sense to compare the efficiency of the engine before and after the overhaul.

Determination of fuel

First you need to decide on the route of movement -will have to pass 10 km. It is necessary to take into account the nature of the movement - urban driving, suburban highway or a mixed cycle. It is pre-purchase fuel in the canister so as to be able to fill the tank "to the eyeballs."
Then put the car on a flat area and add intank of fuel to the very neck. Prepare a volumetric capacity of 10 liters with a minimum interval not more than 0.5 liters (can be used thoroughly washed canister out of oil - at such containers division almost always is). Make sure in advance that the speedometer is working properly and shows kilometers passed.
Now you can hit the road. You must drive exactly 10 km (determined by odometer given hundreds of meters). Once the desired number of kilometers covered, stop the vehicle and of the measuring container into the tank add fuel to the neck level, as it was before departure. Fuel consumption of 10 km you will see on the scale on the measuring canister. It is necessary to multiply the amount poured into the gasoline tank 10 and get gasoline consumption per hundred kilometers. Ideally, a similar experiment is better to conduct at least three times in order to identify the arithmetic mean.

How to control fuel consumption

If you have a brand VAZ 21099, 2114, 2115, etc., for controlling the flow of gasoline can install an external on-board computer that can show instant fuel consumption. Such a device will probably be disciplined voditelya- when the sudden jerk from a place (for example, at a traffic light) you will see that the consumption of gasoline is over a 20 liters per hundred, the leg involuntarily let go of the accelerator pedal. Aggressive and sporty driving increases fuel consumption by 15-20%, and a sharp starting or stopping the same take up to an additional 5%.
Another important point - the use ofquality oil (better to use a semi-synthetics) that can reduce the power consumption of the engine friction. It has the meaning and the tire pressure - it should not be lower than normal. In any case, it should be remembered that one of the main rules in order to achieve minimum fuel consumption - compliance with factory recommendations.

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