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How to know the age of a puppy


How to know the age of a puppy</a>

Lovely furry creatures - dogs, wholeheartedlyTied to the owner, able to give love, please by their presence and amaze with extraordinary devotion. They were the first animals that a man could tame, and they, in turn, learned how to serve him faithfully.

Proper care for the dog provides knowledge of her age.

An urgent need arises in this case, if the puppy is found or donated.



The most accurate way to establish the ageThe puppy lies in a thorough examination of his teeth, determining their appearance, quantity and condition. If the animal has dairy fangs and incisors, then we can conclude that the puppy is from four to six weeks old. The presence of all milk teeth indicates a two-month age. The presence of indigenous incisors suggests that the dog is about five months old. If the puppy has all molar teeth, then his age is close to seven months. Pure and white teeth with the presence of a jagged pattern on the upper and lower front teeth mean that the puppy is one year old.

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A careful examination of the puppy's eyes can tell us aboutHis approximate age. They should be bright, bright, clear, without any opacification, which is often found in older animals.

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You need to look carefully at the dog's nose and mustache. The puppy around them should not have gray hair, which indicates a fairly large age of the animal, or rather about old age.

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If the dog is mobile, energetic, jumps easily and freely, plays a lot, has a good appetite, then we can conclude that it is young enough.

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Stroke the dog. If her hair is smooth, silky, soft, shiny, low-fat, then this indicates that you are probably a very young animal. The presence of coarse, greasy, dull wool with possible prolysins indicates the age of the dog.

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With proper care and nutrition, puppies quicklyGaining weight. Thus, if the muscular mass of the dog exceeds the average level, then this indicates its youth. Considering this fact one must bear in mind the condition in which the dog was taken. Sometimes temporary depletion can be misleading and affect the correctness of the definition of age. If you take into account all the parameters in the aggregate, it's quite difficult to make a mistake with setting the puppy's age.


A good decision to determine the age of the animalCan become an appeal to the veterinary clinic. After carefully inspecting the animal, specialists will be able to more accurately determine its age, giving valuable advice on the care and maintenance of the puppy.

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