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How to know your goal


How to know your goal</a>

Do not know what to grab for, since you have too many goals? Or, what is much worse, and none at all?

In the effective setting of goals for the near future, the well-known technique of assessing satisfaction with one's own life - the so-called "Wheel of Life Balance" - will help you.

You will need

  • Sheet of paper, pen



Draw a circle on a piece of paper, then divide itIt into several identical sectors. The circle means your living space. The number of sectors should be equal to the number of certain spheres of life that are relevant to you at the moment. For example, the sectors can symbolize love, parenting, career, finance, recreation, self-development, etc.


Estimate each sector on a scale of 1 to 10 pointsBy the degree of importance to you for this segment, taking the center of the circle as a reference point. Put the numbers in each sector. As a result, you will get a kind of "wheel" of your life priorities.


Then, on the same principle, evaluate your satisfaction with the state of affairs in each of the spheres. Be frank with yourself, otherwise all work on setting goals will go wrong.


Analyze the resulting "wheel". Those vital spheres, where the greatest discrepancy was found between their importance for you and their satisfaction with them, require elaboration and correction. It is in these areas that the immediate goals for correcting the situation and aligning the "wheel" should first of all be formulated.


Simultaneously choose to work no more than oneOr two spheres. What steps can you do to improve your satisfaction with these areas at least a couple of points? After all, work with the "wheel of life balance" is carried out just to review your goals and draw up a plan for your own development for the near future.


Applying this technique, after a while you will find that making decisions has become much easier. After all, you know your target, And your actions filled with meaning. If you, thinking about your goal, noticed that you are very worried, most likely, you are on the right track. Do not forget to go back to the "wheel" from time to time to see if your life is changing for the better.

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