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How do you know your purpose

How do you know your purpose

You do not know what to grab, because you have too many goals? Or, even worse, and does any one?

The effective setting goals for the near future you will help a well-known technique in coaching satisfaction scores with their lives - the so-called "Wheel of life balance."

You will need

  • A sheet of paper, a pen



Draw a circle on a piece of paper, then divideit into several equal sectors. Circle means your living space. The number of sectors should be equal to the amount of certain areas of life that are relevant to you at the moment. For example, the sector can symbolize love, raise children, career, finances, recreation, self-development, etc.


Rate each sector on a scale of 1 to 10 pointsin order of importance to you in this segment, taking the center of the circle as a starting point. Put down the numbers in each sector. That will have a sort of "wheel" of your priorities in life.


Then, on the same principle evaluate their satisfaction with the state of affairs in each of the areas. Be honest with yourself, otherwise all the work on the goals will come to nothing.


Analyze the resulting "wheel". Those vital areas where the greatest discrepancy was found between the scores on their importance to you and satisfaction they require study and correction. It is in these areas should first formulate the next goal to remedy the situation and align the "wheel."


Simultaneously choose for no more than oneor two fields. What steps are you able to do to increase the satisfaction of these fields for at least a couple of points? After working with the "wheel of life balance" is held to review your goals and plan their own development in the near future.


Applying this technique, after a while you will find that the decisions become much easier. After all, you know your targetAnd your actions are filled with meaning. If you're thinking about your goal, you noticed that much worried, chances are you are on the right track. Do not forget from time to time to return to the "wheel" in order to test how changes to better your life.

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