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How to find out information about yourself

How to find out information about yourself

Currently, due to free access to the Internet, you can effortlessly find information about virtually any person.

You can even find out what data are available on the web for you.



Try typing your name in any of theInternet search engines and see the results. If the name and surname are quite common, can be added to them, for example, your city of residence, or any other information, depending on what you want to know. For example, if you participate in any competitions or about you in newspapers, magazines and Internet portals, try to indicate the year and place of the respective match or release of material about you in the media. You will be able to quickly find links to provide information about your resources. Also, these actions will help to find sites that you recorded earlier, but forgot their addresses or lost access to your account.


Take advantage of social networks and otherresources for communication (forums, chats, etc.). It also has its own internal search engine through which you can try to learn something about yourself. Perhaps someone from the people you mention in your posts, discussions and various publications. Please note that pre-you will most likely have to go through a quick registration process on the respective resources.


Do a search on several publicportals of your country, region or city. For example, the Ministry of Interior sites, utilities, traffic police, FIU, the provincial council or city hall can tell whether there are you currently have any outstanding debts and penalties, is not involved in whether you administrative or other liability, whether you are registered in the tax service, pension fund, etc. You can also call data structures, or visit them in person to get the right information. To do this you will need your passport and other personal documents, depending on the type of institution.

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