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How to find out consumer preferences

How to find out consumer preferences

Consumer preferences - an important marketing component, which tells about the relevance and necessity of some goods.

On the basis of these data made correct predictions for the production and subsequent sales.

Without proper sociological research to find out consumer preferences problem.

Sociological research is important first of all to determine consumer expectations. This concept tells the manufacturer what really wants to get the final buyer.
This also applies to the area, and the average servicebusinesses, in particular, because to maintain a constant turnover of capital in a competitive environment is not so simple. Small business, consumer preference little worried because independent studies are not carried out, using only topical, well-known facts. Well, the big corporations themselves create trends and impact on supply, demand and wishes of the people.

Social poll

Marketers help to clarify the currentconsumer preferences, having the necessary experience and knowledge. The first serious weapon in the struggle for reliable data - the social survey, the accuracy of which is highly dependent on geographic location, ethnicity, religion and other aspects of life that affect people's choice. Of course, it is impossible to interview all, used to obtain data slice information obtained from, eg, 10 000 people.
The content and form of the survey havegreat importance. It is necessary to draw up the questions correctly, unobtrusive, but at the same time, they should bring those long-awaited answers. Ask 100 questions each man will not work, so brevity and quality combine. The shape of they can be shared on the internet poll, the dialogue with the promoter, filling out forms in public places.
Generate consumer preferences and can be fed back into the call center from the clients. This form is suitable for the further improvement of already developed product.

What else influences the choice

Promote the product is real and without suchstudies, but in this case it is necessary to evaluate its utility sober society, presence analogues and their advantages. Also it is necessary to take into account the presence of competitors from famous brands, they greatly affect a person's choice, ceteris paribus. Even the price difference in favor of an unknown product may still can not help to sell more.
Very much depends on the scope of sales. So, if the market represented only 2-3 of the goods, they will use about the same demand, and on its increase may affect any expansion of the market, or to obtain a competitive advantage.
The market today is focused most on society. Number of offers often exceeds demand, and to come to the company's success, it is important to draw the right conclusions and sell the right products.

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