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How to find your dad


How to find your dad</a>

When people are lost, it is necessary to act immediately, because in such cases every minute is expensive. If a person has disappeared long ago, other methods should be used.

If a person is lost, creating a new family and leaving old memories, then it is enough to just write him a letter.



In their methods of search, one must build on the oneSituation, in which you are. It is she who will dictate where to look for you, how to search, who to connect to these searches, what information to prepare in advance. After all, how many people, so many problems, so many incidents, so many situations. Some tips can be given here, but you still have to think with your head and rationalize your own searches.


Take advantage of the Internet. Fortunately, now the World Wide Web is more than well developed. Start with the most basic search engines, connect to the search social networks (and in them now "hangs" if not most, then at least a large part of people), go to special sites. But when working with Internet resources, you need to consider two points: first, you must already have some information about the person you are looking for (in this case, your father), and secondly, do not get too carried away by these Most social networks, because your ultimate goal is to "go to real life" and get your father in real life.


Try your luck on TV. It's not a secret for anyone that there are special programs that search for people. Of course, in this case, you also need to report some amount of information that TV men will use. But their search methods are much more effective than if you were looking for your father yourself, and your story will become famous. If you are afraid of this very fame or want to keep the details of the story in secret, then choose other ways.


Refer to private detectives. In most cases, they guarantee complete confidentiality of the information they have received from you and the information they find out in the process. In addition, you pay them money, and they are obliged to provide their services in the best possible way so that you, as a customer, do not have any claims. On the other hand, their services will surely fly into you a pretty penny, but what can not you do to find your own Papa?


Think with your head, based on yourOwn situation. If you have your father's coordinates, but you are simply afraid or shy to approach him personally, then you do not need to resort to someone's services. You will have to overcome yourself and overcome your own fears. Of course, if your family is against such a step, then it is probably not worth overstepping through their feelings. But if there are no such barriers and you are determined to find your father, be brave, tactful and humane. Often the past is not worthy of breaking the present and the future because of it.

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