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How to find music on the Internet

How to find music on the Internet

If you hear any melody on the radio or on the Internet, but do not know what it's called, you can always try to find this song.

To do this, use search engines, databases and audio files or programs that can help you identify the right track.



To find melodies go to any resource,which contains a database of different songs submitted for review. If you know music artist, enter in the search box the name of the resource and press Enter. Among the obtained results, listen to the song and find the one you want, and then make it load when necessary.


If no song title or artist youunknown, try searching for the words. Think of a phrase or a few words from the song, and then enter a query on a search engine page. Pointing phrase, do not forget the quotes, so that the system is looking for this sequence of words. For example, if the song sounded the phrase "do not go, I forgive you" search query would look like this: " 'Do not go, I forgive you" find a song. "


To search for a song by a separate word,Use search operators AND or &. So if you are looking for a song where were the words "wait", "believe", "do not go", "forgive", the search query would look like this: "Wait AND AND believe" do not go "AND forgive."


If you want to tune to find you still can not,use tool for music recognition. Among the most popular programs is worth noting Tunatic or Sound Hound. You can also make music recognition using Shazam tools for cell phones and tablets. Download and install the desired program, then connect your microphone to the computer and click "Start" button. Bring the sound source to the microphone and hold it a few seconds, the program could recognize the melody. After that among the results of the program derived through the window, select your ringtone.

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