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How to find in windows xp virtual keyboard

How to find windows xp virtual keyboard

On-screen, or a virtual keyboard that replaces the traditional peripheral input device - one of the services provided by Microsoft developers.

The keys are in it can be selected with the mouse, as well as a finger or a stylus, in the case of a touch screen.

How to open the on-screen keyboard in Windows XP by using the mouse

Click on the "Start" button, go to"Programs", then the group "Standard", "Special Features" and click on the icon "Screen Keyboard". To start typing, click the left button on the desired place in the document, then choose the appropriate button on the screen.

When you call the on-screen keyboard screen appears with a link to the Microsoft Web site, where you can find programs that support other special features.

For your convenience, you can change somekeyboard settings. To change the font, go to "Settings" menu and click "Font" option. Select the appropriate settings and click OK to confirm.
In addition, you have the opportunity to chooseway to enter characters: on mouse click or delay the cursor over the button. To do this, in the "Settings" menu, use the "Input Mode" option. The default method for "On Click". To change mode, select the "pointer to select the delay" in the drop-down list, select the time interval after which the symbol will be displayed. Click OK to confirm the selection.
In the "Joystick or key to select"the program scans the keyboard at an interval of time which you can choose to "check interval" list. In this alternate keys are highlighted group. If this group is the character you want, use the device that you have assigned to work with the keyboard to stop scanning. The program will begin in turn to allocate all of the keys in the group. With the help of the device to select the character you want. To assign a control device, click "Advanced".

How to open the virtual keyboard in Windows XP by using the keyboard

To access the "Start" button, use the Win keyor a combination of Ctrl + Esc. With the direction of the arrow and Enter keys to navigate to the "Special Features" section and run the program "On-Screen Keyboard".
Go to the "Settings" menu using the combination Alt + G. Use the direction buttons with arrows and Enter to select an appropriate font and input mode.

When you press the Alt key activates all the main menu items. Hot menu selection keys are indicated by underlining.

Combined method

You can also use the keyboard and mouselaunch the on-screen keyboard. Minimize all windows and press F1. In the center of reference in the search box, type "Screen Keyboard". Click on "General information about the on-screen keyboard." In the right window, find the line "Run the application" On-Screen Keyboard "and click on the link.

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