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How to find games for your phone

How to find games for your phone

Computer games every day are becoming more popular. The number of fans is growing.

For some time they had only one drawback - they can not be taken with you, since not all were portable consoles.

Now everything has changed, everyone has a mobile phone, which can be installed hundreds of thousands of existing games.

You will need

  • - access to the Internet
  • - Information on your mobile



First, you must determine what type of gameIt supports your phone, as on most sites with games they are divided on the platforms. If you are relatively new and not the cheapest mobile with a lot of different functions (desktops, gadgets, an extensive menu, fine tuning the interface, a variety of communication protocols, etc.), then, most likely, on it there is some certain operating system - Symbian (only Nokia), Android, Windows, Blackberry, Bada. The name of the operating system is often written on the body of the phone, or frequent flashes in the unit interface components. Reliably phone platform can be found by finding the characteristics of its mobile Internet (more convenient way to do this on http://learn-myself.com/wp-content/uploads/1_52550141c55de52550141c561b.JPG »alt =» game.mob.ua »class =» lightbx »data-lightbox =» article-image »>game.mob.ua</ I>


Finding your favorite game, you only need todownload the appropriate files (jar, jad) to the screen with a suitable resolution, transfer them to your phone and run. Apart from downloading to your computer, a number of sites (the first site of the second step, among them) it is possible to upload files directly to your phone using a mobile internet connection. This is done using conventional references or QR-Codes.

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