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How to find a colleague from Afghanistan

How to find a colleague from Afghanistan

The war in Afghanistan in the 80s did not pass in vain for the USSR.

Many Russian soldiers here have given their duty homeland, found true friends and colleagues. However, life has managed to "scatter" soldiers to different corners of the country and the world.

To find their co-workers, you can use one of the special sites on the Internet.



Take advantage of Russia's largest site forresearch fellow from Afghanistan "Afgan.Ru". The site contains a forum where veterans communicate afgaskoy war. You can immediately find the person you are interested in or ask for it at the other soldiers. Try also find a list of well-known participants of the war, the "Book of Memory" and other sections of the resource that sheds light on the events of the past years and regularly replenished with new names that inform witnesses of those events. Do not forget to leave a message with your personal and contact information in the section "Search for fellow soldiers", as well as a request to contact you those who know the right person to you.


Sign up for a special social networkSearch for fellow soldiers "In armii.Ru". There communicate exclusively military colleagues and friends. The site has a convenient system of people search by various parameters, with the result that you can quickly find the right person and to establish contact with him. Also note posted here "Afghan Memory Book", which may include names familiar to you.


Search for colleagues on sitesregional associations of veterans of Afghanistan, for example, such as Volgograd Union or the paratroopers on the site Sverdlovsk veterans. In virtually every region there are similar organizations, veterans periodically conducting meetings and providing assistance in the search for colleagues. Usually they are not the only site on the Internet, but also the physical address in the city. Find out in the administration of your community, whether there is there such a union. You can request to participate in one of the emerging events, where you can find not only his fellow soldiers, but also to find new friends and get to know like-minded people.

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