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How to find diamonds in Maynkraft


How to find diamonds in Maynkraft</a>

Diamonds in Maynkraft are the most valuable material.

Items made from diamonds are very reliable and durable. For comparison, take a pickaxe from iron.

It can be used 251 times, while a diamond pick is useful to us in 1562 cases.

The difference is substantial.

In addition, the diamond items in Maynkraft are very beautiful.

For these reasons, many players are puzzled by how to find diamonds in Mayncraft quickly.

Items that will help find diamonds in Maynkraft

To find diamonds in Maynkraft, we will needA diamond pickaxe or an iron pickax. Any other picket to collect diamonds will be simply impossible. If one of these picks is in your possession, then you simply skip this step.

If you do not have a workbench, we will create it. Quickly collect the wooden block, put it in the window for crafting, make 4 boards. These boards are placed in different cells of the windows for crafting. Workbench is ready.

The next stage is the creation of a wooden pickaxe. To do this, we add three horizontally placed wooden boards on a workbench on the top three cells. Under the middle horizontal cell we have vertically two poles.

Next, create a stone pick, then we justUseful pickax wood. With its help we collect several stone blocks. 3 blocks of stone we lay out on a workbench on the top horizontal on three cells. Under the middle cell vertically, we have 2 sticks one under the other.

Then in the village you will need to find an oven or create it with the help of 8 cobblestones. Cobblestones are laid out on a bench on all perimeter, the square inside remains empty.

But to find diamonds in Maynkraft without an iron pickaxWill be impossible. So those who do not have it will have to create it. For this we are looking for iron ore on the hills and in caves, we collect it with a stone pickaxe. At least three blocks are needed. We put iron ore together with coal into the furnace, we get 9 iron ingots.

On the bench in the top 3 cells we put 3 iron ingots, under them in middle cells vertically we place 2 sticks - we get an iron pickaxe.

Now, having all the necessary tools, finding diamonds in Maynkraft will not be difficult. Just follow the instructions.

How to find diamonds in Maynkraft according to the scheme

You can find diamonds in Maynkraft in naturalUnderground caves in chests. Chests can sometimes be found in villages, but this happens very rarely. So in search of diamonds you need to go underground.

Before going down to the ground, we stock up everything necessary: ​​we take with us at least 100 torches, a diamond or iron pickax, armor and weapons for battle with monsters.

Find diamonds can be on levels from the first to the sixteenth, but more often on 8 - 13. Lucky people can find in one place more than 10 diamonds.

To go down under the ground you need to create a ladder. In the earth, make a hole in 3 blocks. Do the ladder in such a way that it was possible to move to the lower levels in blocks. Keep in mind that sometimes you will need to go to the surface in order to lay down your trophies, eat, change weapons and tools.

Dug up to the bedrock, we dig all in search of spawners mobs. We are at the zero level.

1 level - 1 block. At the 12th level, create a small room, a workbench, a chest and a stove in it, so that you do not have to constantly go to the surface.

Digging is best based on a certain pattern, but theirseveral. You can create a shaft 2 blocks high and 1 block wide. After digging ahead, we dig through every 5 blocks of branch-sleeves 2 to 2. Using such a scheme, it is not difficult to find diamonds in Maynkraft.

Before the diamond is collected, all blocks should be rounded around it, otherwise it can burn in the lava if it is under it or nearby.

You can neutralize the lava encountered on your way with stone blocks.

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