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How to find interest in a boring business?

How to find interest in a boring business?

What makes a happy experience from the everyday? How to make daily activities more fun and emotionally rich?

Unfortunately, not everything we do brings usjoy and pleasure. Sometimes life turns to us by such party, which can be called commonplace and routine. There are daily activities, causing boredom, such as washing dishes, cleaning the house, answering repetitive phone calls.

There are ways to takeordinary events in a different way, a more emotional and rich. There are people who feel deeply unhappy at the time of cleaning the house. And there are those who get great pleasure from the same. Someone is afraid of heights, and someone is paying a lot of money to jump with a parachute from the tower. It's not just the event itself, but also in how we live.

Man practicing meditation, say that it is possible to change the perception of some situations, if we begin to live each moment consciously.

In the ideal case, you can feel thatjust enjoy your action, which seemed particularly tedious and uninteresting. You will begin to enjoy it, to discover new facets of it. If you wash the dishes - you'll notice the feelings that are in a hurry pass you by. For example, perhaps you feel a pleasant touch of your fingers to clean the shiny surface of the plates. Have you ever noticed these feelings before! All in all, it is only changed your perception and attitude towards the old appeared to be known to all the action of a hundred.

To get the interest and change your feeling of do things:

1. Choose what you have to do without much enthusiasm.
It can be a house cleaning, routine work, perform routine maintenance visit to boring meetings, etc.

2. Start doing the intended thing, completely immersed in it.
For example, you can not just wash dishes - you livewhile your dishes, you breathe it, all your attention is directed to your action. You are here and now. You may want to perform this action, even a bit slower than usual.

3. Keep doing what you have planned, in a new way.
There should be no rush. Maybe you will even enjoy a slower pace. Very soon (in 5-15 minutes), you will feel that change your internal state. You will feel more relaxed, easy. Go worry - they will have a place in your mind - because it is occupied by another.

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