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How to find a theme for your phone

How to find a theme for your phone

you can customize yourself any mobile phone.

For this purpose, the unit has many additional features: volume level, mode, navigation buttons, wallpaper, screen saver.

If desired, you can also change the theme of your phone by selecting it from an existing directory or adding a new one.

You will need

  • - cellular telephone-
  • - a computer-
  • - access to the Internet-
  • - USB cable.



In order to replenish your libraryphone with new themes, friends need help, who can pump the most interesting specimens, or have to go in search of new images on the Internet. Make no mistake: at its open spaces, you definitely will pick a suitable option.


All phones - from games, ringtones, themes and topictures - can be found on the mobile THEME.mob.ua portal, located at http://theme.mob.ua/. To download the resource free themes previously will need to indicate in the special windows manufacturer (brand) phone for which you are looking for a picture, or a mobile platform. Then, specify the phone model. After that will open a list of available for your device to the new page. Look at the options offered to your attention. Under each picture there is a "Download theme" button that you will need to click on a file for further downloads.


The new opened window will prompt you to choosean option to download the theme: once on the phone or the computer. To install the theme on your mobile, go to your phone to wap.mob.ua page and enter wap-code for the selected file. His number will be listed here also. Also on this site you can use the QR-code - special digital bar code, for which the pre-recognition on the phone, you must install special mobile scanner recognizer. You can download it from the same portal.


To save the theme to your computer, click"Download to your PC for free" and then click the appropriate button, and then automatically start downloading a file. Save it in the folder to which you have sent all the downloaded file from the Internet. By default, this folder "Downloads" in the "My Documents" on drive C. Then you will only need to throw and to set a theme in your phone to a special folder. To copy and send the file from your computer to your phone you may need a USB cable.


Also themes for mobile, you can choose the sites where the software is laid out for computers and phones. Usually on such topics resources dedicated a separate section.


For convenience and ease of search topics formobile Internet, you can use the search engine, by means of which are on a network. The main thing here - the right to set criteria, to articulate the key phrase. What it will be enough to indicate the word "download" in the search box, "the theme for your phone", "theme for mobile." You can specify the model of your phone if you wish. Then just need to choose from the list of the most interesting pages, in your opinion, the sites and download themes.

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