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How to find a summer job

Summer - time for vacations, holidays.

However, many people are looking to find a job is in the summer months.

Someone has to earn, someone wants to gain experience that will help him in further search for a permanent place.

Mainly old part is relevant to pupils and students, that is for young people with little experience and qualifications.



If a young man loves nature, activeoutdoor activities, it makes sense to get a job at harvest - fruit, vegetables, herbs. On the job can be found in the local employment service, or watching the ads. This work is not very profitable in the material sense, because prices are low, but you can eat plenty of useful, vitamin-rich food. Indeed, in some cases, payment is made not only money, but also "in kind", ie part of the harvest.


In almost any city, you can earnsummer, participating in the beautification and greening the territory. Scavenging, painting fences and curbs, construction of playgrounds, flower beds breakdown, cutting of trees and shrubs. Jobs most diverse. Rates, however, too low, but some money you can earn.


In resort towns, as well as in the areas of recreationthe waterfront, in the summer always requires additional staff (laborers, waiters) for restaurants, cafes, ice cream for trading and non-alcoholic drinks from trays, etc. Students and high school students can easily find jobs by contacting the management of the catering establishments. However, they would be required registration of personal health (sanitary) books that will take some time.


In the summer in many areas dramatically increases flowtourists, so you can get a temporary job guide. Of course, for this we need to be friendly, sociable person, who is familiar with the history of his native land and its attractions. And when it comes to dealing with foreign tourists, must be sufficiently proficient in the foreign language.


Summer - time for the entrance exams to universities. Therefore, the students, especially undergraduates, are at a good level know this or that subject, can earn tutoring, studying with future entrants. In short, if desired, in the summer you can always find a job.

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