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How to find simple knitting patterns for children


How to find simple knitting patterns for children</a>

Knitting of children's things is an excellent school for a beginner skilled worker.

Thread needs a little time, too, and the result is visible almost immediately. A beautiful warm sweater for a future athlete or an elegant dress for a little princess will please both mom and baby.

But not all patterns are suitable for children's things.

The figure needs to be able to pick up.

You will need

  • -Knitting-
  • -pins or hook on the thickness of thread-
  • -books and magazines on knitting-
  • -computer with internet connection.



Decide what you will knit-crochet orKnitting needles. A fork for children's things is not very suitable, well, except that you decide to add a small shawl or scarf as an addition to a smart dress. For children's things are not very suitable openwork patterns with large holes and large braids. The smaller the child - the easier it should be a pattern.


Look at books and magazines on knitting. There are many Russian and foreign publications in which only children's things are published. And in the magazine, where the models for adults are printed, there must be a pair of children's blouses or dresses. Typically, the designer indicates the thickness of the thread, the number of spokes and hook, a description of the work, pattern and outline. If you have the yarn specified in the instructions, follow the job description. As a result, you will receive exactly the same product as in the magazine.


It can also happen that you liked the pattern,But you would like to tie it from threads of a different quality. Tie the pattern and see how it will look. It is possible that you will want to look for something else.


There are many websites on the Internet forNeedlewomen. Type in the search engine "Schemes of patterns for knitting children's clothing." You will see several pages of links in front of you. If you use Yandex, sort the links by relevance. Go to several sites, links to which are located at the top of the page. On some sites there are charts and descriptions of monochrome and multicolored patterns. In the latter case, a color layout is given instead of designating different types of loops.


You can find suitable patterns in socialNetworks. In the "Live Journal" and "Vkontakte" many groups, where knitters discuss models and materials, are advised. There you can also ask about patterns. Carefully read the rules of the community and strictly follow them. You can find such a community by specifying "knitting" in the profile among the interests. Go to your page, click on the link. Before you will appear a list of communities whose interests coincide with yours.

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