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How to find satellite TV

How to find satellite TV

satellite TV system is based on the transmission signal from the transponder, which is located on satellite communication, the receiving user equipment.

Over time, some of the satellites change their orbit (position) or television channels are transferred from one satellite to another for various reasons.

To repeat the search for missing channels in several ways.



Determine the coordinates of the television channelsISP official website. This should be done when using the auto search can not find half of the channels, as there is no reference to their frequency in the NIT packet (Network Information Table) - a network table, which is transmitted to the transponder of the satellite reference. paid channels often have their own NIT. The receiver (receiver) does not play a role.


Find new channels. The search for new channels from different satellitereceivers are different, but there are many similarities. Open the menu using the remote or by pressing the button on the front panel of the tuner. Select "Setting", "Setup" or "Install". Click «OK». Confirm your intention by typing the correct password. they are usually 0000. Click «OK».


Open select "Manual Search" or "Find channels"and select the satellite, for example, Amos 2/3 4W. The most important thing - the right to specify the parameters of the satellite receiver to search for the satellite channels. These data enter with the number buttons of remote tuner remote control, namely frequency, polarization, flow rate and FEC. For example, for the GLOBO-type tuner, whose control is at the bottom of a series of colored buttons, you must first select the transponder, click "OK" and make an attempt to find it in the list. If it's not there, then go to "Edit" mode, and then "Add", and only then enter the settings. Then press the red button - "Transponder OK".


Click the "OK" key to start the channel search. After the process is complete, re "OK" - to save found. Then Exit button - to exit the menu. prescribed channels will appear at the bottom of the overall channel list. Channels that have already been recorded at this frequency is not re-be prescribed. After that, you can edit them, ie, transfer them to the appropriate column. For example, "Music", "Movie", "News" or "Kids".

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