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How to find the portal to the lower world in Minecraft


Portal in the Lower World in the game Minecraft - an exceptionally man-made structure.

This means that when single-player game is the only way to get to the Lower World - make the portal yourself.

On multi-user servers, you can use the already-built portal of another player.



The portal to the Lower World is built of obsidian. The minimum number of blocks of this material for building this structure is ten. Obsidian is the most durable of materials in Minecraft. It can be obtained only by a diamond pick, while the destruction of each block of obsidian takes ten seconds. This mineral is not destroyed by explosions, and to destroy the block with any other instrument, you need fifty seconds, and you will not get anything.


Obsidian is formed by the interaction of water andLava. To obtain blocks of obsidian, you need to lava lake, in which there is no current (such a lake is considered to consist of special source blocks), pour a bucket of water. Next, using a diamond pick, you need to carefully harvest the blocks, given that under them there may be more lava. Ideally, having extracted one obsidian block and found under it a layer of lava, you need to pour a bucket of water and there. This will turn a dangerous liquid into another layer of obsidian, so that the upper one can be extracted without fear of burning.


The portal to the Lower World is built according to a simple scheme,The economical option assumes that no more than ten blocks are required. The usual version will require fourteen blocks. The scheme of their location is shown on the title page.


After building a portal framework of any sizeYou need to set fire with a flint or fireball. After that, the portal is activated, and a characteristic violet field will appear, through which you need to go to get to the Lower World.


It is advisable to take tenBlocks of obsidian to the backup portal, because you can go back at any time. The study of the Lower World is quite dangerous because of the huge amount of lava and aggressive monsters, so the ability to build a transition frame at any time is very important. However, you can destroy the automatically generated portal, just make sure before that that you have a flint with you, because without it, creating an operational portal is impossible.

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