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How to find the portal to the underworld in Minecraft

Simple and cost-effective portal

Portal to the lower world in Minecraft game - only man-made structure.

This means that the single-player game is the only opportunity to get into the lower world - to make their own portal.

On the multiplayer servers, you can use pre-built portal of another player.



Portal to the lower world is constructed from obsidian. The minimum number of units of this material for the construction of this structure - ten. Obsidian - the most durable materials in Minecraft. Get it only diamond pickaxe, with the destruction of each block of obsidian gone ten seconds. This mineral is not destroyed by explosions, and to destroy the block by any other tool, you will need fifty seconds, and you will not get anything.


Obsidian is formed by the interaction of water andlava. To obtain blocks of obsidian, it is necessary to lava lake, where there is no flow (this lake is considered to be composed of special units-sources), pour a bucket of water. Next, using a diamond pickaxe, need to carefully extract the blocks, given that under them can be even lava. Ideally, having produced one of obsidian block and found beneath the lava layer, you need to pour a bucket of water and there. It will transform the dangerous liquid in another layer of obsidian, so that the top can be produce without fear of fire.


Portal to the lower world is based on the simple scheme,economical option suggests that it will take no more than ten blocks. The usual option would require fourteen blocks. The scheme of arrangement is shown in the title picture.


After building a frame of any portal of its sizeyou need to set fire using flint or fireball. After that, the portal is activated, and there will be a characteristic purple field, and through which you need to pass to get into the lower world.


It is advisable to bring along to the Lower World Tenobsidian blocks to the backup portal, as well you can go back at any time. Underworld study is quite dangerous because of the huge amounts of lava and aggressive monsters, so the opportunity at any time to build a transition frame is very important. However, you can destroy the automatically generated portal, just be sure before this that you have with a flint, since the creation of the current portal is impossible without it.

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