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How to find a person by name in Kharkov

How to find a person by name in Kharkov

Kharkov - one of the largest cities in the east of Ukraine with a population of about half a million people.

If you have lost here in touch with family or friends, try to find them with help desks and search Internet resources.



Use one of the largest searchsystem on the Internet, for example, Google. Enter in the search box the name and surname of the person, as well as add to refine the city - Kharkov and any other information, such as your address. Think about what a person can deal with. Did you know the address of his personal site or e-mail box. Perhaps you will find it on any of these data.


Check out the search results. Most likely, the first few links will lead to accounts of people with the appropriate name and surname in social networks and chat rooms on the forms, ad sites, etc. Explore them to find out information about the desired person. Pay special attention to the social networks. Sign up for one of these resources to use the internal search engine. Try searching for residents of Kharkiv. So you can find the right person or his close relatives, communication with them will help determine its current location.


Continue search using differenttelephone and address directory on the Internet. Stay free resources to avoid becoming a victim of fraudulent websites that "fish out" the money from the visitors. Also pay attention to the date of adding the information, since you may not be able to find a person in such a way, if he had recently moved. If the search proved unsuccessful, purchase Printed reference works in Kharkov and play them.


Contact your telephone inquiry serviceKharkov by number 109 or 1509. Try to check with the operator the address of the person or the phone to the best of your first and last name. If you know of additional data to inform them as well, so as not to arouse the suspicion of the expert.


Post a free ad on missing personone of the Kharkov newspaper, for example, "Kharkiv Courier" or "Kharkiv advertising." Addresses and phone numbers of editions you will find in the city reference books. Tell the person signs, loss of time, give it to a photo and leave your contact details. Did you contact someone and let you know where is the one you are looking for.


Hire a private investigator, referring to one of theKharkov agencies. Specialist services are chargeable, but so you can quickly find the right person and get detailed information about it. Free help is available in the Kharkiv police, submitting to one of the offices of the Ministry of Interior was reported missing person.

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