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How to find a self-similar person


How to find a self-similar person</a>

The question of loneliness is relevant more than ever.

Despite the active development of social networks and various ways of communication, people move away from each other, hiding behind monitors or burying themselves in gadgets.

Ten years ago, you could imagineA romantic dinner, where two people look at each other not in the eyes, but in the display of their own phones? Now this is reality. Friends prefer to communicate with each other through the network, and even close relatives prefer family dinners through Skype. On the one hand, it is not difficult to find a person close to oneself in spirit and outlook, but the probability of disappointments exceeds all possible limits. People treat relationships easily, so easily that they have depreciated.

How to find a self-similar person and not be disappointed?

First of all, it is necessary to understand that the realRelations are built only face to face. All the rest is an illusion. You can resort to the network as an initial source for dating, but in any case, communication should continue in real life, and no matter whether it is romantic or friendly. To begin with, you need to define your interests and understand how you would behave. What could interest you, where would you spend your time. And starting from this, start looking for what you need. Can I consider dating sites for these purposes? Despite the fact that many do not flatter about these resources, they really help in resolving this issue. But, so that you do not waste your time and others' time, clearly indicate who exactly you need. To do this, you can simply describe yourself and designate these criteria in the questionnaire. Also you can use various forums and interest groups. Communicate, ask questions, add new friends to your friends.

How to switch from online to offline?

It is possible, visiting interesting to youEvent, you will also be able to meet people similar to yourself. And if you have already formed a society online, you can invite an interesting person to you for a personal meeting. To do this, choose what is interesting for you. The fact is that you are looking for not the right person for which you can adapt, but the same as yourself. Therefore, analyze the behavior for your part. Suggest topics interesting to you, discuss. And if you find a response in another person and see that your views on the world are similar, then the task is completed. In your life there will be a person who looks like you, with whom you will be interested.

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When searching, also consider your negative aspects. If you are looking for a similar, be prepared to accept it with the same negative features. Can you live with this? Do you forgive yourself for some kind of misconduct, or are you looking for someone just the same with you on the good side? Before you do an active search, look at yourself from the outside and analyze the possible events. Just remember, except for new technologies there are mystical factors. They manifest themselves when you visualize events and people. Try to resort to this technique. Think about the fact that the person you need is already near, describe it, imagine. The power of thought really works and, at times, is much more effective than modern technologies.

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