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How to find a person in Russia

How to find the man in Russia

With the advent of man found in Russian Internet search and social services was more than real.

As a rule, people are looking for their relatives, childhood friends, first love, former neighbors.

Of course, among the lost have a certain percentage of those who have disappeared without a trace.

However, often the right person is, if you put some effort and carefully look it up using volunteers, both real and virtual.

You will need

  • - Internet access
  • - phonebook
  • - Passport and other personal data on the person you are looking for
  • - Photo of man



Try to look through the free manRussian search engines. Search for any website that specializes in tracing people who fill out the form: Name of the missing, the approximate area of ​​residence. Some resources will need to be registered to start the search.


Write a letter, paper or electronic, innational service mutual search people Wait for me. Service Address: 127000, Moscow, ul. Academician Korolev, 12. You can also request a search by phone (495) 660-10-52.


Look through social networks such asOdnoklassniki, Vkontakte. If the person you want, is not registered at any of these sites, you try to find his friends, relatives, perhaps they know something.

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