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How to find a person in Minsk

How to find a person in Minsk

Minsk - the capital of Belarus, with a population of about two million people.

In this big city, people often lose contact with each other.

If you have lost someone in Minsk, you can get help from the network and reference resources.



Start searching for the person with registration in one of thesocial networks. To search proved successful, select resources such as "VKontakte" and «Facebook». It is here that the majority of people registered from European countries. You can search by city, pointing as he Minsk. Also in the inner search "VKontakte" system, you can search for people by name, surname, age, place of receipt of secondary or higher education or employment, etc. If you managed to find the right person, send a message or request to add a Friend. Otherwise, look for possible relatives, classmates, or human counterparts. They can help in the search.


Users of social networks do not always leaveits pages open to visitors and various services, so if the search is not successful, try entering the name and city of the person living in one of the Internet search engines. You can add to the search query, and other information that you know. Pay attention to the time frame. The exact time will be desirable in the case if, for example, your desired name is mentioned in the news for a particular number.


Examine carefully the results of searches. Perhaps coordinates to communicate with the right person listed on one of the sites where he posted ads, documents, personal data of the applicant job and other materials. You can also find special sites with databases of Minsk residents who are in the public domain. Here search for available person by name and surname, as well as address and phone number.


If you do not find what you were looking for someone,Try to advertise for help in finding one of the sites of announcements or information Minsk resources. Remember, this is usually carried out on a paid basis.

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