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How to find a lost cell phone

Lost cell phone can be found quite quickly

Suddenly left without the means to communicate, you can try to find a lost cell phone.

To do this, not necessarily immediately contact the police or advertise about the loss.

Try also hardware and software functionality of mobile devices.



Consider where you might lose your mobilephone. Maybe you left it at work, on public transport, shops, gym, etc. The first is to check the person's dream, or call the administration to find out did not give anyone found a cell phone. If the device was not found to agree with the administration and place ads in these areas with a request to return the found phone for a fee. The same thing you can do on social networks and ad sites. Currently, the information spreads very fast and it is quite possible that soon you will be given a lost phone.


To find your lost cell phone,just try to call him or send a text message. Perhaps you are lucky and your phone finds a decent man who will be waiting for the call owner. In this case, you can find out where the phone, and then pick it up.


Please use the softphone meansdesigned just for such cases. For example, if you installed one of the programs for remote tracking device, you can try to find your lost mobile phone through it from another phone or your computer. Its approximate location is displayed on the map.


Contact your nearest office and cellularinform staff about the loss of the phone. On request they can provide a printout of the last calls made from your room, as well as to locate a cell phone. However, care support staff have not always, and may require a permit from the police.


Write a statement of loss or theft of your phonelaw enforcement agencies. It is important to specify in the statement IMEI - the personal ID of your mobile device, consisting of 15 digits. If you do not know it, try to find out the necessary information from the manual to the phone or ask the store where you purchased it. With the IMEI police can track down the device, even if it is turned off, and the current owner has already replaced SIM card. In addition, you get a resolution on the full support from your mobile operator.

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