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How to find a list of occupations with hazardous working conditions

How to find a list of occupations with hazardous working conditions

Under current law, companies with hazardous working conditions are required to provide their employees certain benefits and guarantees.

What conditions are considered to be harmful, and where you can find a list of occupations in which these conditions are listed?

Where to find a list of harmful conditions

To determine profession related to harmfulcategories, should examine the Russian Federation Government Resolution № 870 "On establishing the reduced working hours, additional annual paid holidays, increased wages to employees engaged in heavy work or work in hazardous / dangerous and other special conditions."
Find a list of "bad" posts can be, and in the collective agreements or industry agreements of some enterprises.
This Regulation obliges the MinistryHealth and Social Development to approve the list of positions, professions and industries, which give the employee the right to free preventive nutrition, vitamins, additional paid leave and other appropriate measures, the situation of staff of hazardous occupations.

Adverse conditions in employment contracts

In the presence of harmful or dangerous working conditions,the employer is obliged to specify in the contract of employment data on employment functions, working time, compensation and terms of payment, additional payments, allowances and bonuses. Also, employees of hazardous industries by law not allowed to work more than 36 hours a week. Additional annual leave due to the Company under the terms of the employment contract, given to people working in the area of ​​radioactive contamination or in quarries / sections (underground and open pit mining).
Also, the right to paid leave are employees of businesses who deal with harmful physical, chemical or biological factors.
The Resolution states that the minimumduration of paid leave is a calendar week. Usually it is given to employees who have worked in the working year in hazardous conditions at least eleven months. If the term of working out less - the period of leave provided respectively spent working time. At the same time paying out cash compensation instead of the additional leave is not practiced - it is possible only such payments when an employee leaves.
The only nuance in getting paidholiday is the requirement for the presence of work experience in hazardous working conditions - and, in the experience include only the time actually worked in these conditions.

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