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How to find a job, which he dreamed

How to find a job, which he dreamed

Find your dream job - it means to find a job that will satisfy you in every respect, both in moral and in the material.

From this work will not be tired, and satisfaction with the results will only increase.

You will need

  • Employment, education, ability, desire, time, resume



The first step - is the awareness available to youabilities, skills and education. In short, it's all what you already have now, which is good, and you know that you can perform competently. Also here include formal proof of your competence - education diploma, certificate of passing the courses, training programs. All this should be reflected in the single most important document in Employment - your resume. Ideally, a resume should have the following basic building blocks:
- The purpose of employment and the desired position in the labor market,
- experience,
- Education,
- extra skills,
- contacts.
These blocks is sufficient that the employer had a picture of you as a future employee.


The second step is to self-determination and formulationclear job search guidance, that is, simply speaking, you need to decide for yourself what you want to do. This should be something that comes from the heart. Imagine yourself in a year and think about what you want to see yourself, what you want to do and what is the that will bring joy. Compare these answers with your current skills. Attention to detail the desired position, as well as the amount of wages, where you would feel comfortable doing business chosen.

If to determine the choice of the desiredposition is difficult, use the help of a coach-mentor. Such a person can be found easily on the Internet and ask him for the first consultation, which is usually free, and it is conducted through Skype, which is very convenient.


Once you are clear onoffice, delivers on the job market. Pay close attention to the requirements that apply to such a worker employers. Once again, re-read your CV and add it in accordance with the requirements, that is, to focus on those areas that are of interest and employer needs. However, in this case it is impossible to overdo it: write only what it actually is that after not to bite the bullet.


Look at websites of companies willing to takeemployee you are interested in the position. Decide first of all, for yourself whether you want to work in your organization, read reviews. Look at the level of wages. After that you can safely send resume to interesting vacancy.


Wait for the first reviews, but do not hurry with the answers. Once you will call and write the employer's interest, consider all the options, go to an interview and try to ask all the questions, so as not to be disappointed later. Make a comparative table of options for the parameters of interest to you, for example, wages, proximity to home, the average age of employees, recognition of the company on the market. scoring method compare options. In carrying out this analysis, you will already be clear to you which option is more inclined.

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