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How to find a job in Yekaterinburg

How to find a job in Yekaterinburg

In Yekaterinburg, particularly in demand experts in the field of industry, trade and services sectors.

The decision in question resident decent wagesUrals capital depends primarily on the level of professional qualifications and personal qualities - focus on work, self-confidence, the desire to go forward.

You will need

  • - the Internet
  • - phone



Before starting the job search in Yekaterinburg,make a resume. To do this, use the prepared forms from one of the sites, such as www.superrezume.ru or www.cvritter.ru. At this resource you will also receive recommendations on how to fill the forms. For sales manager resume suit resembling a marketing presentation of the goods or services, and for the civil service - similar to a private business or profile. Choosing a template, guided by the style of the employer. Look at the corporate website of the company and pick up a similar form.


Remember that the resume is a business cardJobseekers. The most important points to which primarily pay attention to human resources specialists, it is the possession of special skills and experience. Then they look at the data on education, on obtaining additional knowledge obtained by profession.


Submit resume in www.ekaterinburg sites.superjob.ru, www.rabotagrad.ru, www.ekat.rosrabota.ru, www.eburg.rabota.ru, www.ekb.estrabota.ru. On these portals look for suitable vacancies. To do this, select the appropriate boxes in the interest position and the desired level of salary. Select from the displayed list of ads desired.


Ask for help in finding a job in the centeremployment of the population of Yekaterinburg, which is located at ul. March 8, 12. Phone: +7 (343) 350-66-09 350-66-06-. Here you will find information about employment services and the services of the most popular at the moment trades. If you want to learn a new profession, here you will be given direction for retraining.


Buy a newspaper ad, for example, "Hand in Hand" or "Fast Courier". On the pages of books, you can also place your ad on the search for work and get acquainted with the job posting.

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