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How to find a job in Turkey


How to find a job in Turkey</a>

Many Russian citizens dream of finding employment in the so-called far abroad.

However, one can get real work abroad only in units. The rest have to be satisfied at best with seasonal services in hotels in Turkey.

How to find work in this country and do beginners have prospects for career growth?



Refer to one of the manyInternet sites offering work abroad, including in Turkey. For example, on www.karier.net, www.insankaynaklar? .com, www.yenibiris.com. Be careful and cautious, as the highly paid job described in the announcement can be just a bait for inexperienced girls and young people.


Pay attention to the amount of salary thatOffer employment agents. If it exceeds $ 500 (with food and accommodation), then it should already seem suspicious to you, since a person without knowledge of languages, higher education and work experience abroad for any kind of decent work is unlikely to pay more.


If you know English and Turkish and haveYou have a higher education, but there is no experience working abroad, do not settle for proposals with a salary above $ 700, so as not to fall for the bait of scammers. If the employer (or his representative) starts bargaining because of the payment for accommodation or offers you to buy a ticket to Turkey on your own, turn off communication with this person. Most likely, you, in the end, do not pay anything at all.


Before flying to Turkey as an employee,Be sure to get a working visa in the Turkish consulate or embassy. Without it, in this country you may have problems with the law. Therefore, only negotiate with those employers who agree to conclude an urgent labor contract with you indicating all the conditions of cooperation and obtain a work permit for you in Turkey.


Inexperienced beginners aged 18 to 25 yearsIt is best to contact the agencies involved in the training and employment of animators, maids and other hotel staff. Those who have already worked abroad, it is worth thinking about getting higher education in the specialties of "tourism manager", "hotel administrator", etc. Unfortunately, only such specialists have a chance to get permanent work in Turkey without patronage and ties.

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