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How to find a speech therapist at school


Speech therapist at school</a>

How to find a speech therapist at school, where to start and where to look for it? Before starting the search, it is necessary to understand for yourself what is the specificity of the work of the school speech therapist.

Specificity of speech therapist work in school and in preschoolEducational institutions is very different. After all, the work of the school speech therapist is to correct not only oral speech, but also oral pronunciation. In addition, the speech therapist at school is engaged in the development of written speech.

Training program

In connection with the extensive range of duties of the speech therapistIt's worth starting with the fact that you need to work out your program for working with children. It should be clear and understandable. Your program needs to be designed in such a way that during the interview the choice of the employer fell on you. The employer is interested not only in the benefits that children receive, but also in the benefits they receive for the general educational institution.
Pay attention to the moments that will bring the school the greatest popularity when working with you as a speech therapist. After all, any achievements of the school reflect the work of the director himself.
Think about the tools with which you will conduct classes, as well as the training scheme. The plan of classes, for convenience, should be immediately terminated.

Drawing up and placement of resume

When the program is ready, you can proceedDirectly to the job search. First, make a resume. In it, state your work experience, your personal achievements and do not forget to mention the merits of working with you. You can place a resume on job search sites, as well as on electronic portals created specifically for speech therapists.
You can also go on scouting to the nearest schools and find out about the vacancy that interests you.
Take the initiative and look for the work onSites on the Internet. At your favorite vacancies, send a response with your resume and cover letter. In the cover letter, very briefly indicate the advantages of your candidacy and your contact information.


At the interview, be ready to demonstrate the process of engaging with the child.
Take with you a visual material for work, whether it be speech cards or other tools for conducting classes.

Helpful Tips

Be careful when writing the program andResume, and also in an oral conversation with the employer. After all, the work of a speech therapist consists in proper oral pronunciation and written writing, and errors are not allowed here. An illiterate speech therapist can not teach anything to children, it's absolutely certain.
Most importantly - do not worry and calmly answer all questions.

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