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How to find a job in the school speech therapist

speech therapist at school

How to find a job in the school speech therapist, where to start and where to find it? Before you start looking, you need to understand for themselves what is the specificity of the work was the school speech therapist.

The specifics of speech therapy at school and pre-schooleducational institutions is very different. After all, the work of the school speech therapist is to correct not only the spoken language, but also oral pronunciation. In addition, a speech therapist at the school is engaged in the development of written language.

Training program

Due to the vast range of responsibilities of a speech therapistYou should start with what you need to work out a program to work with children. It should be clear and understandable. Your program need to make so that during the interview the employer's choice fell on you. The employer is interested not only benefit brought by the children, but also the advantages derived for all educational institutions.
Pay attention to the things that bring the greatest popularity at the school work is with you as a speech therapist. After all, any achievements reflect the work of the school director.
Consider the tools with which you will conduct classes and training scheme. Course Plan, for convenience, you must immediately take notes.

Preparation and publication summary

When the program is ready, you can begindirectly to the job search. To start, make a resume. It outlines your work experience, your personal accomplishments and do not forget to mention the advantages of working with you. Submit resume at the following websites to find work, as well as electronic portals designed specifically for speech therapists.
Also, you can go to explore the next school and learn about the presence of you are interested in the vacancy.
Take the initiative and look for themselves at workwebsites. On the job, send your favorite feedback with your resume and cover letter. The cover letter is very short, specify the benefits of your candidacy and your contact information.


At the interview be prepared to demonstrate the process of training with the child.
Take a visual material to work with, whether it be cards for the development of speech, or other classes of instruments.

helpful hints

Be careful when writing a program andresume, as well as oral interview with the employer. After all, the work is a speech therapist in the correct pronunciation of oral and written spelling mistakes are not allowed here. Illiterate or non-speech therapist can teach children, it is absolutely accurate.
Most importantly - do not worry and quiet answer all questions.

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