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How to find a job in Moscow nurse with accommodation

How to find a job in Moscow nurse with accommodation

Many visits to Moscow, want to find a job with accommodation. This saves a considerable amount on rent rooms or apartments.

One of these forms of employment - employment of a nurse.

Women having medical education and experience of care for the elderly, very often hired for the position.

How to find a job in Moscow, nurse

To find a job in Moscow, you need to useall resources. This job sites where you can place a well-written resume, recruitment agencies, friends and acquaintances who can advise people interested in a good nurse.
Start your job search is to resume writing. There should be given education. The easiest way to get a job the nurse if there is a diploma from medical school or even a nursing school. The nurse typically requires much older and not very healthy people. It may be necessary to put injections, change diapers, to carry out prevention of pressure sores, provide first aid, etc. A person who is not familiar with medicine, it is very difficult to do.
In summary, be sure to specify the work experience, the availability ofor the absence of a driving license (this can be important if under the terms of the employment contract will need to carry a ward in a hospital or clinic), as well as contact numbers of previous employers who could confirm your integrity. Instead, you can attach a resume letters of recommendation. They significantly increase your chances of finding a highly paid job.

Work with accommodation - what to look for

The nurse with accommodation often requires hardsick or very old people. This is quite a difficult job - you have almost around the clock to monitor the health of the ward. it is difficult, especially if care is necessary elderly person suffering from a severe form of multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer's disease, urinary incontinence, etc. Very often, for the care of such people hired two nurses, who are on duty in shifts. Or one, but with living, so she was standing next to the ward. This work is paid very well, but requires significant effort.
Most often, in the case of nurse recruitment and stay inHer responsibilities include not only the care of the person requiring attention, but also cooking, cleaning, etc. Therefore, by agreeing to this type of work, it is important not to sell too cheap. It is understood that almost twenty-four hours a day you will be in the workplace, and at any moment may need your help. And that was not extra duty, should advance to make an employment contract with a job description. In which it will be transferred to whatever you have to do nurse. Otherwise, the circle of tasks can become so wide that its implementation will not be enough and nights.

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