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How to find a job in Moscow during the week


How to find a job in Moscow during the week</a>

When it comes to a change of residence, it is better to think in advance of key points. These include: the search for housing, the search for a new job, a kindergarten or a school for children, etc.

Each item requires careful planning.

In this article, we'll look at how to find middle-level specialists in the Russian capital (accountants, managers, and others).

You will need

  • -the Internet
  • -Laptop / computer / tablet / phone



First, decide on the exact date of yourArrival in Moscow. Two weeks before this start monitoring jobs in your specialty. When creating a resume on job search sites, pay attention to the point - the city of residence. There are two options for filling:
- indicate the city in which you reside at the time of the creation of the resume. But in this case, many Moscow companies will ignore your resume.
-point the city of Moscow. Then you can start calling the next day and invite for interviews. During the phone conversation you can tell the exact date of arrival in Moscow and agree on a meeting.


When you have several arrangements forInterview, while you have not left your hometown, it will give a sense of confidence. But you need to remember that this is not a 100% guarantee. Someone can be lucky to arrive immediately to work. Or maybe the vacancy will be closed, but maybe you will be offered another job. Therefore, despite the existing arrangements for interviews, make yourself a list of other companies that interested you.


An important aspect is also the size of the company, inWhich you want to settle. If this is a small private company, the decision on your employment can be made on the day of the interview. If it is a company with a large branch network, holding, then be prepared for at least a week to consider your candidacy. This factor should be taken into account if you have a small amount of financial resources.

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