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How to find a job for children

How to find a job for children

Upon reaching a certain age, children, and if they have enough time, you can arrange them to work.

This can help the child to find their place in society and prepare for adult life.



Note that, according to the laborlegislation of the Russian Federation, for children up to 18 years, there are special conditions that must be followed. For example, children are prohibited from working in unhealthy and hazardous conditions, move and lift heavy objects, etc. At the same time it is imperative to conduct a medical examination and to do it every year before the age of 18 years. Working children and adolescents are only in their free time or work schedule with hourly wages. Every year they are granted paid leave in the amount of 31 days.


Record your child's employment service onplace of residence, where experts will help to find a suitable job for him, the appropriate labor standards. This is usually simple public works: street sweeping, cleaning, putting up ads and mail delivery.


Look at ads in newspapers and on the Internet,paying attention to the job, which does not require work experience, and does not matter the age of the applicant. For example, pay attention to the work of the promoter: a distribution of leaflets in the room or outside the child is quite right, and at the same time this work has a convenient schedule.


Ask someone you know, is not required ifthey work at the place of an additional staff member to work part time. Various institutions often lack staff and may agree to issue a young man. If you are an employer, consider the child's employment, for example, as his assistant.


Arrange the child to a suitable position in theas a trainee or intern. Wages in this case he will receive not, however, acquire the necessary experience and be able to work at any time convenient to him.

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