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How to find the address of the house in Moscow

How to find the address of the house in Moscow

Moscow is the largest city in Russia, it is not surprising that even the residents often have difficulty finding a particular home.

To find an address in Moscow, you can take advantage of special resources on the Internet.



Think about what you know about the locationthe desired object. You may know the area in which it is located, or a nearby subway station. Knowing this information, you can find the address of the house through one of the services such as Google Maps, 2GIS, Yandex and others. Here are detailed maps of Moscow, which is not difficult to find a house, knowing at least roughly where it is. Also, these services will help you find the address of the company, if you know its name. If you do not know how to get to your destination, select the "How to get". So you can see a list of the closest metro stations to know the options of travel by public transport or by car.


Use one of the sites on this topicsearch for addresses in Moscow, for example, www.gdeetotdom.ru. Enter the search string in the address or any other known information about the object, resulting in a boot detailed map that can be viewed in several ways: in the form of diagrams, satellite or hybrid. Also, using this service, you can learn more about the purpose of the building, number of floors, distance to the subway station and see photos of the building. Move the cursor around the map to see the streets and objects are nearby, as well as learn how to get to your house. Please note that the search for addresses on the website you can not only in Moscow, but also the whole region and even other cities.


Try to find an address by using anotherone popular site - mosopen.ru, which contains an extensive database of addresses in Moscow, as well as an alphabetical street index, a map, a list of regions and districts of Moscow, the underground circuit and postal codes. Find the correct address can be in the "Streets of Moscow", "Territory" section.

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