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How to find a hidden folder

How to find a hidden folder

Files and folders on your computer may be in two visual modes: visible and invisible.

If you can not find the folder, though sure not to remove it, make sure you put the correct settings for the display files.



If you can not remember on which hard driveis your hidden folder, to begin with, define the directory in which it was stored. To do this through the "Start" menu, call the search window by selecting the appropriate option. In the search box, enter the required name using the drop-down list, set the "File Type - All Files and Folders." Expand the menu "Advanced Options" and place a marker in front of the item "Search hidden files and folders", then click "Find."


Open any folder without closing the search window. select the "Tools" menu from the top menu. From the drop-down menu, select "Folder Options" and wait to open a new dialog box. Click in the window on the tab "View" in the "Advanced Settings" find the term "Show hidden files and folders" and set a marker in the box next to it. Click "Apply" and close the Properties window by pressing the OK button or the X icon in the upper right corner of the window.


Go back to the search box and look at the section"Folder" folder is stored in a folder of your choice. Navigate to the folder or found on the drive. Right-click on the hidden folder, which has now become visible (it should look like translucent). In the drop-down menu, select "Properties" left mouse button. In the tab dialog, "General". Remove the handle from the field "Hide" at the bottom of the window. Click "Apply" and close the Properties window.


The same can be done in the search window. Place the mouse cursor on the name of the desired folder and click the right mouse button. Complete all activities described in the third step. When a folder is visible, you can easily at any time to find it, rename, move, delete unnecessary files from it or add new ones.

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