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How to find the culprit accident

How to find the culprit accident

After a traffic accident occurs civil liability for compensation for damages.

If you are the victim, the perpetrator can be brought to justice and receive criminal punishment. Often there are situations where the offender has disappeared.

You can find it by referring to the traffic police.



If the offender has violated the rules of the roadand fled the scene, call Iddo staff by phone. If it is impossible to call, go to the first post-road inspection service and report the traffic accident.


Find the culprit trafficthe incident will not be difficult if you remember the number of the car, the letter or the digital part. If you were in a state of shock and did not pay attention to it, let the car brand, the color, the offending signs.


You can help to remember all the details of witnessesincident. If you are not immediately turned to them for help, give the media ad to help find the culprit traffic accident, specify the place where it happened, ask the witnesses to respond, giving your phone number.


Most often, the citizens are aware and respond to the request to help in tracing the culprit in a traffic accident.


State Security officers Roadmovement must take all available ways to find the infringer to inform the car signs and guilty for all the posts of traffic police and patrol service, to provide guidance to all regions.


The easiest way to find the culprit intraffic accident in hot pursuit. Therefore, to apply to the state inspection of traffic safety should be immediately after the incident. Even after several days of search may be substantially difficult and the results are unsatisfactory.

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