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How to find the culprit road accident


How to find the culprit road accident</a>

After a traffic accident, civil liability arises to compensate for the damage caused.

If there are victims, the perpetrator can be brought to trial and sentenced to criminal penalties. Often there are situations when the intruder has disappeared.

You can find it by contacting the traffic police.



If the perpetrator violated the rules of the roadAnd disappeared from the scene, call GIDD employees by phone. If there is no possibility to call, get to the first post of road-guards service and inform about the traffic accident.


Find the culprit road transportThe accident will not be difficult if you remember the car number, alphabetic or digital part. If you were in a state of shock and did not pay attention to it, tell the car brand, color, signs of the offender.


You can help recall all the details of eyewitnessesIncident. If you did not immediately appeal to them for help, give an announcement to the media asking you to help find the guilty traffic accident, indicate the place where it happened, ask the eyewitnesses to respond by giving your phone number.


Most often, citizens are conscious and respond to a request to help in the search for the perpetrator of a traffic accident.


Employees of state road safetyMovements are obliged to take all available ways to search for the offender, to communicate the signs of the car and the perpetrator to all posts of the traffic police and patrol and guard service, to give orientation to all regions.


It is easiest to find the culprit inRoad traffic accident hot on the trail. Therefore, it is necessary to apply to the State Road Safety Inspectorate immediately after the incident. Even after a few days the search can be significantly hampered and will not yield results.

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