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How to find a group in VK

VKontakte - popular social network in Russia.

VKontakte - probably the most popular in Russia social network, this virtual city. But in the big city is sometimes easy to get lost and lost.

Maybe you are looking for and can not find a group Vkontakte?

Then you can help the following recommendations.

You will need

  • Internet access, own page Vkontakte.



Go to the home page or on your personal home page Vkontakte. Sign in using your username and password.


On the top line, highlighted in dark blue, get the "Community" section. Click on the section title and go inside.


select "group" item in the right hand column under the title "community type." Additionally, in the same column, you can choose from the drop down list, region and city.


Above you can see two forms of search. Enter the group name in the lower mold, where it says "Start typing the name of any name or word." Click "Search" button.


A list of groups, the most numerous of which are at the top. Look at it and find the group you are looking for.


To use anonymous search method, enter the address vk.com/communities and follow the steps outlined above.

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