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How to find a good jewelry store

How to find a good jewelry store

Good jewelry store should have a well-groomed facade, prompting to enter the premises, strict and comfortable interior showcases with lighting, not glaring.

When you purchase the buyer must issue a receipt with full information about the product and the certificate if the jewelry has gems.

Probably not a single woman on the planet thatI did not love jewelry. Before every man sooner or later the question of choosing a ring or a bracelet for his beloved woman, mother or another loved one. Therefore it is very important to find a good jewelry store, which will be served at the highest level and not slipped a fake. What should pay attention in the first place?

Good jewelry store - what he

; First, a good jewelry store mustlocated in the city center, in the most part of the entrance. The range of goods has to be very broad in order to satisfy the more than modest demands, and to please those looking for an exclusive product "Lux".
In a good store that values ​​itsreputation and regular customers at the first purchase discount card will be offered optional, providing a discount on subsequent purchases. Many owners of such businesses do not consider it necessary to offer their customers a choice of carrying cases, and this is very important - the customer must feel that there are ready to perform any of its desire.
The face of a jewelry store, no doubt, shouldbe well-groomed, with a touch of gentility, pretentious and pompous facades should be avoided. If the facade subtly invites enter motivates to do it, maybe that's exactly what we need. What else should pay attention to? Of course, in the interior.
Indoors buyer should feelcomfortable and spacious, and for this it is necessary to ensure freedom of movement and comfortable light. It is important to remember - the interior of a good jewelry store is always strict. There should not be painted walls, wallpaper, carved counters, and other avant-garde. Showcases are required to meet the overall design concept, with regard to lighting, it is designed to perform its main function - to show items.

Documents and certificates

; Each product must bear a label with informationits name, manufacturer, type of precious metal, articles, sample weight, form and characteristics of the inserts from precious stones. The label should be indicated product price and the price per gram without inserts. In a good jewelry store always meet the customer's request to weigh the goods on the scales.
Together with the goods the buyer must providereceipt, which contains information about the name of the product, details of the seller, the sample, and a characterization of gemstones, article, date of sale and the price. Also on the check must be signed by the seller, and if the product contains precious stones, the buyer gets more and certificates.

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