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How to find a fortune teller

How to find a fortune teller

Unfortunately, the gullibility of many people who believe in psychics, sorcerers and fortune tellers, are cheaters who pull the money, but do not bring any truthful information.

Many sincerely believe in a special unavailable townsfolk world, where there is space supernatural. Such people believe that there are a number of features that can distinguish a real fortune teller.

Of course, divination and fortune-telling for the majoritySage - a source of income, but the real fortune-teller does not depend on money. They are happy with the facilities that you yourself decide to teach her. But scammers called clear amount per visit.

Reasonableness primarily

In search of fortune tellers or psychics refuseadvertising media, the real Sage does not advertise them better than any newspaper says popular rumor. This fortune teller does not need cheap publicity stunt, recommendations on it can be obtained through friends, relatives or friends who are themselves directly accessed and, more importantly, we get a positive result.
Browse through the internet page, look for reviews of the fortuneteller on forums and websites - people are willing to share their true impressions, and warned against fraud.
When he came to the fortune teller for help, look forsurroundings and magical material. In this fortune-teller, as a rule, poor set of church candles, icons, crosses and holy water. As a supplement may make cards if they are often used, the deck will be battered and aged.

Where there is no room gloss

If, however, you will be presented a magicalstore in the form of transparent balloons, skulls, a brand new deck of cards, some obscure incense, figurines, bone, then the obvious scam that tries to impress in front of you.

When you first visit more than listen: if fortuneteller sends you questions that will help her, she is clearly trying to use psychological tricks to lure you out of all the information. Be silent, and better - to leave.

The true fortune teller is usually quite modest: It can be dressed simply, without pretentious mascots on the neck, but often "stone amulets" theory adherents allow themselves to wear a lot of jewelry with natural stones, which give them strength. If you go to the reception for precisely such a fortune, spend a little time and read about the power of stones. Please note, some of them quite suitable for combination being from Sage, do not hesitate - examine its decoration, not a contradiction is found ...

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