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How to find a firm to INN

How to find a firm to INN

Find a company on INN may be through the use of special service to which access is free of charge provided by the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation.

As a result, the user gets all the data necessary to identify a particular company in the form of electronic statement.

To find any company ifinformation on individual tax number is now quite simple, since the basic details of all organizations are publicly available. You only go to the official website of the Federal Tax Service of Russia, move to a special service, which is called "Test yourself and the contractor." At the base of said service data has information about those companies that emerged from October 2003 to the present. Data acquisition is absolutely free, but the information given exclusively in electronic form.

How to use the service for the company's search

Use this service to search for anythe company is simple and accessible to everyone. The special table can be filled with only one mandatory field in which to specify the tax number for the organization. INN itself can be obtained from many sources, all firms usually indicate it to the press, in official correspondence, contracts and other documents. After filling the fields with INN need only enter the verification code and click the search button. Since the INN is an individual props, the final list often there is only one company. the user receives a brief statement, which contains information on the name, organizational and legal form of the company, legal address, state registration date entered in the register changes, reorganization, liquidation clicking on the link in its title.

Why is there such a service

The ability to find a company INN is available attax authorities mainly for other business entities, which can easily check your counterparty before entering into a contract with him, money transfer, other cooperation. If a company recently established, providing the wrong address, is at a certain stage of reorganization or liquidation, it will alert the potential partners get rid of excess risk. It should be noted that information about individual entrepreneurs service is not available, because the information about them is protected by the legislation on protection of personal data, which excludes its public dissemination. If you need to get an official, notarized statement of any company, after the use of an electronic search, you can apply directly to the tax authorities.

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