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How to find a favorite thing


Search for "their" business, vocation, peculiar not only to young people but also to people of mature age, who want to change something in their lives.

Not to be mistaken with the choice, you need to ask yourself the right questions and answer them honestly.



Take a sheet of paper and divide it verticalfeature into two parts. In the first column write all the professions that seem attractive. Let the list will appear even the most daring and ambitious items if you are really attracted to.


Try to imagine yourself in the place readyprofessional. For example, you have become a doctor. How you conduct life? Are you ready to deal with people who are sick? As you move the sight of blood? Do you rise to the middle of the night an urgent call? If the difficulties and changes you are not afraid, leave the "doctor" in his list, and if you are not ready for such a sacrifice, then discarded. Do the same for all of your items.


In the right column, record information about youreducation, your strengths and positive character traits. You can ask for help from someone close to people who are seriously treat your request. Think of what the profession will suit you with such a character? If there are good ideas, add them to the left list.


Now draw a parallel between the left and rightcolumns. What are the similarities between the occupations which you like and your strengths. Spend the arrows on your positive aspects to the job title.


The important point is to your health. Become an acrobat, if you hard to keep balance, much more difficult, as well as to become a teacher of chemistry, if you have a severe allergy to chemicals.


Pay attention to the relevance of the profession in the labor market, as well as on the level of earnings. You can see the available vacancies or to talk to someone who works in this field.


If you have made a final decision and see yourself in the future a happy successful specialist handle the drafting of the plan:
- Getting the necessary education
- Part-time while studying
- internship
- The beginning of a career / new activity
- final goal
- Desired salary
After drawing up the plan you have to do the most important thing - to make the first steps towards achieving its objectives and not to turn away from the right path. Your reward is a favorite work is waiting for you to come!

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