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How to find a common language with adult daughter

For a small child's mother represents the entire world. He is ready to deal with it all day and night, to trust all of their thoughts and desires.

Gradually, however, the baby grows up.

And to find a common language with the adult daughter is sometimes much more difficult than the girl she once was.



First, accept the fact that your daughter -adult. She, like any other individual, has its own private space, which should not be violated without permission. Do not come to visit her without a call, or correct a scarf when she asks not to do, do not try any means to force her to eat a couple of sandwiches and a bowl of borscht. In general, behave with it as with any person whom you respect.


Behaviour girls can be excellenton your own, because their formation was influenced not only the family but the whole world around. Your daughter can support a political party that does not like you to become a follower of another religion or an atheist, and you are unlikely to be able to make her change her mind. And if you do and would not do it and take the daughter of the way it is, you greatly exalted in her eyes.


Most likely, you and your daughter are differenthobbies. However, try to look at what she likes. You may entice the world of modern TV series. Or do you find that a popular scrapbooking is no less interesting to you than the cross-stitch. If you have common interests, and that there will be topics of conversation.


As a child, you can give advice on any daughterabout. Wear a hat, remove unnecessary candid blouse, unable to communicate with the boy, studying ballet, and no horse riding - you cared about the welfare of her daughter, and she listened to you. Now you need to learn to give their recommendations only in cases when the daughter asks you. How does it engage in activities that put on and make friends with anyone, it is already doing itself.


Tell the daughter directly what you would like to find a common language with her. Above the relationship should work both ways. In addition, perhaps the girl there is a pair of ideas, no matter what activity you are able to rally.

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